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About:  width X length X thickness ( 19x 19x 7mm)
Pure silver clay and titanium glass
Because glass is used, don’t expose it to physical shocks.
The metal part consists of pure silver 1000, but if you have allergies to metals handle it with care.
You should clean it by wiping it with a soft cloth.
※Keep in mind that it is a product that is entirely handmade.

Ppure silver×titanium glass pendant top

SKU: 0003
  • Titanium glass (also known as dichroic glass) is a variety of glass.
    On one side of the plate of glass metals are added through a procedure called
    vacuum deposition.
    On the other side that represents the base of the plate it is used a light yellow or black variety of glass.
    The metals added through vacuum deposition are gold, silver,bronze, titanium a.s.o.
    Depending on the combination of the colours of the base glass plate and the the nuances of the metals added through vacuum deposition on the other side of the glass, a rainbow-like effect is obtained.
    It is said that it was developed by NASA to be used for space shuttles.





  • If the product has a defect, I will refund the customer only if the item has not been previously used.
    If you want to report a defective item you should contact me within one week after delivery.


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